Auto Repair Services in WA

At American Auto Painting & Body, we don’t just perform stellar paint jobs, but we additionally offer extensive auto body work and repairs. We offer a vast variety of auto body repair services. These auto body repair services include but are not limited to Auto body repair, auto body work, scratch repair, ding repair, dent repair, weather damage, bumper and panel repair, body filler, cosmetic repair, framework repair, structural repair, collision repair, minor repairs, restoration and more!





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Cosmetic, Dents & Weather Repairs

Our Body technicians here at American Auto Painting & Body can repair the overall of the vehicle and damage done by scratches, weather and collisions. Here in Washington the weather can be extreme with hailstorms, snow fall, rain and the oxidation damage due to neglect.

Structural/Framework Repairs

In addition to cosmetic auto body repairs, American Auto Painting & Body offers structural repairs and framework repairs. Our framework repairs and structural repairs are typically utilized when heavy collisions and accidents occur. Our team of certified auto body service technicians pride themselves on their skills and capability of fixing any broken or damaged vehicle.


Dent Repairs

Among the many auto body services that American Auto Painting & Body has to offer is our highly sought after dent repairs. Our dent repairs consist of the repair of any dent, ding, hail weather damage, or collision adjustment and damages similar. Our extensively trained and experienced auto body professionals have such unblemished repair technique and craftsmanship that is one of a kind and ensures that your vehicle is sure to look as if nothing ever dimmed its shine!


Weather Damage

Weather damage occurs very often in Washington which is why we proudly offer weather damage repairs to all of our customers. Our weather damage repair services include damage from snowfall, acid rain damage, saltwater erosion damage, oxidation damage and more! With our weather damage repair services you won’t have to worry about the Washington weather ruining your vehicle, American Auto Painting & Body can fix it all!

Bumper & Panel Repairs

At American Auto Painting & Body, our auto body service technicians are delighted to offer bumper repair and panel repair services. Our bumper repair and panel repair services are typically utilized when any collision, accidents, or improper maintenance has occurred. With our bumper repair and panel repair services, our customers can feel confident that any damage to their vehicle will be efficiently and correctly repaired at affordable rates that your wallet will love!


Panel Replacement & Body Filler

At American Auto Painting & Body, our auto body technicians are able to replace parts if they are too damaged by an accident or they can use body fillers on the smaller dents and dings that occur in everyday problems.

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