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The auto body service professionals at American Auto Painting & Body have highly sought after auto body painting services. With over 45 years of experience, American Auto Painting & Body have mastered the correct and proven painting techniques that provide painting workmanship. With numerous auto body painting services available, American Auto Painting & Body has a service available to fit any customers needs. With our auto body painting services, we offer complete paint jobs, custom paint jobs, color schemes, vehicle preparation, sanding, priming, polishing, and more. Our custom paint jobs allow our customers to pick out from our Sherwin Williams Prospector color chips that they would like for their vehicle and provide them with a unique color scheme that isn’t found at a dealership!





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When performing an auto body paint job on a vehicle, it is extremely important to have a trusted, certified, and experienced auto body technician to do the job. American Auto Painting & Body offers just that! When painting a vehicle, it is not as simple as just spraying paint and letting it dry. A lot goes into it. There are stages. The first stage incorporates the planning aspects of auto body painting. While planning, our estimator gather with our clients to decide which colors, hues and designs to incorporate in the project.


The next step is the preparation of the vehicle. The preparation consists of inspecting the vehicle body condition, sanding, and getting the vehicle taped off and prepared for painting. Our auto body service technicians thoroughly inspect the vehicle before any primer or paint ever touches it.



The third step consists of the following steps. After repairing the vehicles body and surface, our auto body technicians will spray a primer over all body work. The next morning our sanders will sand it down. Our masker will then blow off the vehicle and mask off. The painter will then blow it off again and the wipe it before applying paint.



Our estimator always writes down the paint code if the vehicle is being changed a different color than the original. Also if we are just painting a part. Our paint specialist always checks very carefully and always get another’s opinion.


We only polish cars that we have painted Basecoat Clearcoat. Our detailers will cut with a very fine grit sandpaper and water they will then rub the vehicle with a rubbing compound and then use a polish.